Strategic Definition Process

  • OBJECTIVE Fixing the competitive positioning of the company or department based on the present and future demands of the market
    • When the expected results are not delivered
    • When deemed necessary to gain competitiveness
    • In situations of changing market
    • Position the company favorably on the market, thanks to the result of the environment and the organization analysis
    • Establishing an action guide for the company: performance criteria and progress indicators
    • Getting a shared vision of the strategic drive for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • PHASES Phase 1: Starting point diagnosis
    Phase 2: Analyzing the environment, defining strategy and business objectives
    Phase 3: Development of action plans and deployment objectives
    Phase 4: Follow-up action plans
  • RELATED PROJECTS Organizational diagnosis; Organizational effectiveness ; Diagnosis and management of culture; Process improvement; Management committees revitalization , Accelerating and implementing change in the organization; HR Policies