Internal Communication Policy Design (C.)

    Defining and establishing political messages and channels to develop the downstream and upstream communication within the organization
    • When you want to increase the influence of management on people
    • When deemed necessary to focus a reliable communication process
    • When the participation of employees is necessary to increase
    • When you want to ensure that key messages reach the right people
    • Facilitating the achievement of the business strategy.
    • Increasing identification with company goals and motivation to achieve them.
    • Disseminating Management messages among people
    • Improving the image of the company, the working environment and the between people
    Phase 1: Defining the IC (internal communication) strategy together with the management team
    Phase 2: Contrasting together with the middle managers the IC plan generated with the management team.
    Phase 3: Conducting a survey on all staff to identify and generate possible ways of improving the IC
    Phase 4: Preparation of the final IC plan and presentation to management. Phase 5: Implementing and monitoring the plan.
    Organizational diagnosis; Diagnosis and management of culture; Analysis of employee satisfaction; Customer satisfaction surveys; HR Policies; Identification and formation of internal mentors.