Desarrollo Organizacional Consultores

We met in 1998 through a mutual friend, at a carnival party, one as a Medical Director and Member of the Management Committee of a Pharmaceutical Multinational, the other as an Associate and Manager of the Development and Organization Area of a Spanish HR Consultancy.

Interestingly our disguises had something in common: "A Tremendous Ear". Speaking about the coincidence we conclude that one of our passions and skills consisted of listening to our partners to better understand them.

We saw each other again in 2000, again at our friend’s house. We took advantage of this opportunity to review our curricula, interests, and expectations (for that ear) and decided to build a shared HR Consulting model focusing on making the "engine" of People and Organizations compatible (in what their interests, desires and expectations are concerned) . The ultimate goal was to provide usefulness to the parts, from a practical and "subjectively objective" point of view.

The project took off in late 2001 and became reality in early 2002.

After 13 years, we continue sharing interests, vision and affection, besides the passion for our work.

  Xavier Gutiérrez del Río Jaume García Barbal

Xavier Gutiérrez del Río

Jaume García Barbal